devon massyn

The planet is under constant threat from the actions of others but more often our own actions are to blame.

We often don't realize the harm we are doing ... death and destruction hide in plain sight. Hidden in the ingredients list you never look at, that photo of a cute animal you just paid to get a picture with, that extra piece of plastic you didn't really need.

Those cookies/ chips / chocolate/ snacks you just ate with palm oil in the ingredients - killing millions of animals and destroying countless tracts of rainforest.

That piece of sushi you just ate with unsustainable fish - wiping out an apex predator of the ocean.

There are many things you can do to make a big change...we just have to stand up and do something about it... clicking "like" or reposting a meme only does so much.

Get informed... it does not take much effort and the rewards will last lifetimes beyond ours. Join me and the thousands taking a stand ... become an eco-warrior!  (dreadlocks not required).

​You don't have to be a hippy, you don't have to be a vegan, you don't have to eat gluten free. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 

Do an online search on:

Palm Oil 

Unsustainable Fish

Beef from Brazil

The information is out there... you have no excuse. 

Some informative links -

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